Bomb Containment / Blast Chambers
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Bomb Containment / Blast Chambers
American Innovations offers bomb containment chambers aka blast chambers to neutralize bomb threats from pipe bombs, other improvised explosive devices, and unexploded ordnance devices. Our blast chambers are scalable for various explosive threats including high explosives and explosives intended to create primary fragmentation and secondary fragmentation. These blast chambers are available with enhanced performance options.

Explosive devices aka bombs are the weapon of choice for terrorists and terrorist organizations globally. Terrorists conceal explosive devices inside ordinary items including but not limited to briefcases, laptops, mailboxes, and trash cans.

Anti terrorism technologies and anti terrorism services, such as x-ray inspection systems, bomb sniffing dogs, explosive trace detectors, and explosive vapor detectors are being used to detect explosive devices. Detecting a bomb before it explodes only begins the process for security personnel, first responders, and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians who are responsible for neutralizing bomb threats safely and quickly.

Safely moving, containing, and detonating the bomb after detection becomes the mission.

Every bomb containment / blast chamber we sell is compatible with EOD Robots and backed by our 100% Quality Assurance, Product Testing Policy.

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