Explosives Detection
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Explosives Detection

Varying military needs have aided in the development of technologies that aim at detecting explosives precursors. The Ai-HME kit is a battlefield game changing technology that has multiple homeland security and military applications. A proactive measure to explosives detection.

With the introduction of Explosives Detection Chemistry (EDC), explosives trace detectors (ETD) are now available for explosives detection without requiring extensive operator training, preventative maintenance training, and corrective maintenance training. Explosives remain the weapon of choice for terrorists and therefore create a real challenge for security screeners, first responders, and military personnel who are tasked with Improvised Explosive Device (IED) or explosives detection. 

Understanding the limitations of conventional explosives trace detectors, their extensive training requirements, the high turnover of personnel who operate these systems, and the severity of today’s explosives threats have driven the development of American Innovations’ next generation explosives detection technology which incorporates explosives detection chemistry.

American Innovations, Inc. (AI) is prepared to demonstrate the detection capabilities of their new explosives detectors and their ability to be easily and effectively used by personnel without ANY prior checkpoint screening experience or explosive detection training.  We are available to any government agency or private sector counterpart with a mission to detect explosives (regardless of type) and a requirement for explosive trace detectors.  AI will prove why explosive detection chemistry is the only effective means for detecting current and evolving explosive threats posed by terrorists.

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The XD-2i explosive trace detection system utilizes analytical explosives detection chemistry to deliver unprecedented performance and results.  This explosives trace detector will readily and reliably detect commercial, military, and homemade explosives including: liquid explosives, black powder, nitrocellulose, smokeless gun powders, ANFO, nitrates, nitro-aromatics, plastic explosives, peroxides, chlorates, explosive taggants, as well as many other wet or dry threat explosives.  

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