First Responder & Awareness Training
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First Responder & Awareness Training
First responder training, security personnel training, safety training, and civilian training are equally important for threat detection, workplace safety, and awareness toward acts of terrorism. Training programs should include preliminary training, followup training, and red cell exercises to test skills and identify security gaps. A policy mandating security plan modifications when security gaps are identified should become the standard.

Purchasing anti-terrorism technologies does not guarantee desired security benefits. When budgeting for new anti-terrorism technologies or preparing grant applications, costs for training beyond operator training, awareness training, red cell exercises, and followup training should all be included.

Effective training programs will enhance security and combat complacency.

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  X-Ray Interpretation Training
Our x-ray interpretation training aka x-ray image analysis training courses were created to enhance x-ray operator performance for cargo screening, baggage screening, and mailroom screening applications.
  Security Checkpoint Training
A skilled operator makes all the difference when it comes to stopping potential threats. Our students will learn how xray machines and metal detectors really work and how they can be defeated, how to select and use handheld metal detectors to perform pinpoint searches, how to use advanced x-ray image analysis techniques to improve screening, and ways to be more aware of behaviors that might signal a threat.
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  Threat Awareness Training
Identifying and responding to threats requires a basic understanding and awareness of behavior pattern recognition and common items and situations that might be an act of terrorism in the making. The goal of our threat awareness training course is to increase your awareness and combat complacency. We use elements of behavioral science along with a unique hands-on approach, both necessary to make our students think differently about their environment.
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