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Prisoner Bench

Prisoner Bench - Rugged Benches for Prisoner Management 

Designed by a retired NJ Lieutenant and built in the USA; Prisoner Benches are an economical and effective means of retaining individuals when holding cells and other restraining means are not appropriate or available.

Used by police departments, courthouses, correctional facilities, universities and schools. The prisoner bench is easy to install and is customizable to meet aesthetic and operational choices. 

Depending on what kind of facility you have, your prisoner management needs might be different; but regardless of whether you are managing detainees in an airport, rail station, posh boutique, a mall, hospital or a high school; the Prisoner Bench will be just as useful and effective. No need for expensive and permanent building additions. The days when you need multiple officers to watch prisoners are soon to be over. These benches are effective, rugged and sanitary.

Everything that you are looking for in a detainment tool has been taught of: solid steel frame, full length, handcuff rail, additional handcuff areas, ankle shackle area, easy to clean composite seating allowing for easy clean up of body fluids, keeping the seat sanitary. (solid steel seating available on request)

Available in six (6) different length options and your choice on back rest or not. Ten (10) color choices to suit any décor and included mounting hardware makes your decisions purely aesthetic because everything else is standard!     


Lt. Bill Candeletti is the inventor of the Prisoner Bench. 

What customers are saying:

"We got the bench installed, and I couldn't be happier. The installation was so easy and the assembly was simple. I am sure the bench will be here long after I am gone from the department. The bench is the perfect size and is well constructed. Thank you for all your help in getting your product to me, and if you EVER have someone in the upstate New York area who wants to take a look at your installed product, please feel free to share my contact information, I will be more than happy to have them come to our station to take a look. Thanks again and stay safe.
Chief of Police FPD NY"


"Our prisoner bench has been in service for the past two years and I could not be happier with it. It was economically priced, solidly built, delivered quickly, and has held great. The company was professional to deal with and the customer service was fantastic. The bench itself was designed and built from a police officer's point of view and I will not hesitate to purchase another bench in the future. Great job! Sgt. of Police, Exeter Twp. PA   "  

There are many more testimonials available. Contact us and let us make you the next happy owner of a Prisoner Bench.


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