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Watec Cameras & Accessories
Watec CCD Camera Guide. When seeing is believing, these miniature cameras are law enforcement best weapon. Miniature surveillance cameras with law enforcement applications are also widely used for astrological observation, first responder, image processing, medical applications, factory automation, and military uses among others. See our full range of monochrome, color, and 24 hour cameras. These cameras feature low lux sensitivity and bulk customizing features that allow each camera to perform even under extreme conditions.

See which Watec camera fits your needs. All these Watec cameras and accessories are available to eligible buyers through American Innovations, Inc GSA schedule GS-07F-5556P.

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Watec Color Cameras
High performance color miniature cameras. Watec cameras are famous in the surveillance field for their exceptional performance, compact size, and reliability. Backed with a 3 year warranty these color cameras offer peace of mind for longer time than the industry average.
Watec Monochrome Cameras
Budget conscious specialty cameras for use in extreme low light conditions. Near infrared features make selected models an attractive video surveillance choice for law enforcement and first responders.  Other uses include: image processing, medical applications, factory automation, and military applications.
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Watec Accessories
Accessories for Watec cameras. Miniature lenses, camera controllers, monitors, LCDs, weatherproof housings, power supplies, connectors, mounting brackets, and more.
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