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  Bulk HME Detection Test Kits

Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs) are the Weapon of Choice of Terrorists and Groups waging asymmetric warfare.  In 2013 alone, IEDs proliferated into 100+ countries.

The American Innovations (Ai) Bulk HME Detection test kits are helping military and police detect and differentiate in seconds, bomb making ingredients from other bulk materials used for legitimate purposes.  Objective:  Save Lives while building trust.
  Global Support Services
American Innovations is pleased to offer turnkey global security solutions. We understand the trust our customers place in our technologies and we are honored to have a global network of security technicians available for installation and after sales support services.
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  Bomb Containment / Blast Chambers
Bomb containment chambers aka blast chambers neutralize bomb threats from pipe bombs, other improvised explosive devices, and unexploded ordnance devices.
  First Responder & Awareness Training
Learn about first responder training, security personnel training, safety training, and other training courses that were created to enhance threat detection, workplace safety, and awareness toward acts of terrorism.
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  Explosives Detection

Casualties at war and steming from domestic violence around the globe have put the need for detection explosives as the number one concern of tactical strategy. Law enforcement and military offense and defense tactics rely on timely, accurate and proactive explosives detection technologies and practices.

American Innovations, Inc. is working closely with those at the forefront to further develop current products and continuously create new product solutions that truly help achieve the goals of current tactical missions; while allowing users maximum utility and reducing training time and cost of ownership.

  Prisoner Bench

Prisoner Detention Bench - Prisoner Management Bench 

Designed by a retired Lieutenant and built in the USA; Prisoner Benches are an economical and effective means of retaining individuals when holding cells and other restraining means are not appropriate or available.

Used by police departments, courthouses, correctional facilities, universities and schools; the prisoner bench is easy to install and is customizable to meet aesthetic and operational choices. 

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  Mobile X-Ray Inspection Systems
Mobile x-ray inspection systems aka mobile x-ray scanners are available for a variety of mobile security inspection requirements including but not limited to package screening, cargo screening, container screening, and vehicle screening.
  Toshiba Specialty Cameras
Toshiba's advanced video imaging technologies of high resolution camera systems, 3CCD color cameras, and remote head cameras. See Toshiba’s machine vision cameras here. Available via GSA.
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  Watec Cameras & Accessories
Miniature cameras used in  law enforcement applications are also widely used for astrological observation,  first responder, image processing, medical applications, factory automation, and military uses among others. Available through GSA.
  Lighting Equipment

The TB-100 is a spotlight with a highly concentrated light beam which can penetrate rain, tinted windows, and more. With an impressive range of up to 250 yards, the American Innovations, Inc. handheld spot light can operate for up to five (5) hours on only three (3) AA batteries!

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